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Lost Innocence - Axis Annie - Axis Annie (Cassette, Album)

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American College of Physicians. Made by Medex International. American College of Physicians medical skills library Loop film. Made by Bay State Film Pro- ductions. Produced in cooperation with the College of Education, Temple University. Videotape 2 in. University of Illinois at Chicago Circle. Lood film. Made by Kaye Instruments.

Schey S: Judah L. Produced in association with Warner Bros. Anatomy of a prison break. The assassin. The camel's nose. The cave-in. Collision course. The conspirators. The contaminator. The courier. The death wind. The escape. The executioners, pt. The extortionist. Force of nature.

The gray passenger. The hostage. List for a firing squad. Passage into fear. The plague merchant. The price of death. A question of guilt. The raid. Rope of gold. The satellite. The scourge. Sky on fire. Service suprem- acy program Loop film. But McAleer had the port release the names Saturday because Berry is out of town and could not be reached.

Back in open session, they combined their two sets of scores, resulting in candidates receiving 23 to 32 points. Beauvais said she would rather interview three or six candidates than seven. McAleer stuck with all seven. McAleer said Saturday the applications for appointment include addresses, telephone numbers, personal emails and whether any had committed crimes — she said none had.

It also included space for schools attended, degrees earned, a work history and activities in social, civic and charity groups. McAleer and Beauvais discussed the vacancy during a late Friday afternoon special meeting that included an executive session.

Such a tourism boycott was organized in , according to The Seattle Times, but did not result in the construction of a sewage treatment plant. In , Canadian officials promised to address the issue under pressure from then-Gov.

Chris Gregoire, with a goal of bringing a sewage-treatment plant online by Last March, U. Further, because currents change direction with the ebb and flow of the tide, a lot of the sewage either stays nearby or flows back into Georgia Strait, the website said.

Lewis called on Canadian officials to move quickly to engage a solution. A small number of deputies initially responded, speaking with Campbell by phone and setting up a perimeter to keep him on the property until a SWAT team could arrive. Deputies could see him pacing inside, often holding a handgun to his head.

When they deployed tear gas in the house, Campbell came outside with a gun in his hand and yelled at police. He then returned indoors before coming out once more,. Authorities said they found four other bodies in a chicken coop on the remote, wooded property near Belfair, on the Kitsap Peninsula southwest of Seattle.

Carlson, 49, and her sons, Quinn and Tory Carlson, who were 16 and 18, respectively. Stockwell said he was withholding the identity of the fourth victim pending notification of relatives. When deputies first contacted Campbell, a yearold girl fled from the home, the timeline said.

Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling said. Jack Pigott, who lives down the road, said he heard gunshots Thursday night. Campbell and Carlson were married in November.

The wife had two teenage sons who were adopted from Russia during a previous marriage, Pigott said, as well as a daughter who was adopted from China.

Her previous husband died of cancer, he said. She had purchased a food truck, and she and Campbell had been working on the truck but had not been able to secure the county permits needed to operate it, Pigott said. Pigott said. It was common for the family to do shooting practice, Pigott said. Burles said Thursday.

Hydraulic ramps were being tested, pilings were being drilled and fill was being graded for the new raised dock. Two-thirds of the dock will be paved Saturday, and the rest will be paved in May, Burles said. The vehicle ramp was lengthened and widened. A covered walkway was added for foot passengers. Burles Oiler Nick Eshom grinds down welds on the said of the new terminal. Port Angeles work On the Port Angeles side, crews used the downtime to complete upgrades to the mooring dolphins, a cluster of piles used for mooring vessels.

Chartered flights on three- and five-seat planes are the only other direct means of transportation from Port Angeles to Vancouver Island. The ferry will make two daily trips to Victoria, the. Robert Utz, general manager of the Red Lion Hotel, sparked the idea of offering to accept the Canadian dollar at par through March and April to offset the strength of the U. The Canadian dollar closed up 0. Return sailings are scheduled to leave Victoria at a. Additional trips will be added May Last year, the Coho had about , passenger trips.

Burles predicted modest growth this year, particularly from American foot traffic, because of the increased value of the U. Social gathering Other testimony will be gleaned from those who attended the social gathering at Monroe Road. Attendees of the gathering identified Olson as the suspected shooter, authorities said.

One witness told investigators there had been a fight between Baker and another man prior to the shooting. Investigators found a. Grobschmit said. The job scenarios deal largely with different windload factors, he explained. Grobschmit said, although. DentureCare inc.

Michael Gillispie, D. Lien Trinh, D. Call for an appointment. Spruce, Sequim. Olson, 29, is charged with first-degree manslaughter with a firearm enhancement in the death of Matthew R.

Baker died of a single gunshot wound to the chest, according to an autopsy. He was Jury selection will take place Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, Devlin said. The trial has been reset several times because of delays in DNA testing. He is represented by Port Angeles attorney Karen Unger. Olson was originally. The charge was amended Feb. A person commits firstdegree manslaughter when he or she recklessly causes the death of another person.

The state has assembled 31 witnesses for trial, including law enforcement officers and forensic scientists. The council had to make a decision by May 18, after which a year pledge with the Washington Dental Service Foundation to fluoridate expires. The votes were taken after the Dec. Of those, most — Fluoridation foes were incensed by the council vote to continue the practice despite the survey results. That prompted the movement to change the form of city government.

Number of signatures Our Water-Our Choice! Organizer Jess Grable said Friday she did not have a signature count. The goal of 1, names is about more than ensuring that county Auditor Shoona Riggs determines enough signatures are valid for the petition to reach the ballot. Send PDN to school! Phone Home-rule authority Code: Broad authority in all matters of local concern. Second class: Only those powers expressly or implicitly granted by Legislature.

Construction of powers Code: Requires liberal construction of powers granted to it. Second class: Governed by rule of strict construction of powers granted to it. Code: All powers granted to any class of city and any not specifically denied. Second class: Only powers granted specifically to this class or all classes.

Action at special meetings Code: Any if proper notification given. Second class: No action for the payment of money allowed. But is the election about the virtues of second-classcity status? Until they do that, we will continue to press on. Fluoridation foes dispute that fluoridation has dental health benefits and say residents have the right to choose whether or not their water is fluoridated. Whether the entire City Council can be re-elected in the transition to a secondclass-city classification is just one question in a cloud of legal issues that hangs over the petition.

The Kitsap Sun reported that the gas filled the residence and underneath it Tuesday morning. The cause of ignition is still unknown. The explosion killed William and Maria McDonald, leveled their triple-wide manufactured home and strewed debris throughout the 2. A bill in Washington All three said in inter- state would add a new tesviews earlier this month timonial privilege to that they will not seek addi- list for noncriminal cases: tional terms in office.

Senate Bill , which May — just three weeks after the election for would give legal protection an entirely new City Coun- to communications between cil would be held if the peti- a person in an alcohol or drug recovery program and tion is successful. The House Judiciary said earlier this month. Kidd cannot seek re-elec- Committee approved the tion at the end of her third measure Friday, and it now term in under the awaits a vote by the full House.

Emergency clauses Code: Authority to include in most types of ordinances for protection of public health, safety, property or peace. Second class: Specific authority only for emergency expenditures in specified situations.

Appointment of council member pro-tem Code: Authority in the event of an extended excused absence or disability of a council member. Second class: No specific authority. Planning governance Code: May adopt a planning commission or a planning department, person, staff or body, and may provide for an alternative in the event of a conflict.

Second class: Must adopt a planning commission of three to 12 members. Annexation petition signature requirement Code: Qualified electors equal to 10 percent of votes cast at last state general election. Second class: Qualified electors equal to 20 percent of votes cast at last state general election. Peninsula Daily News. Such change of classification shall not affect the then existing property rights or liabilities of the municipal corporation. RCW 35A. So, city codes, when employed, would have to be examined to ensure they did not conflict with state law, adding more work to the process of governing, he said.

But Steel said most city ordinances would stand. Joe Levan, legal counsel for the MRSC, said that statewide, cities have moved only from second class to code classifications. None has reverted back to second class. When officers tried to pull the vehicle over, the driver took off on Highway , taking a turn into a construction zone for the new bridge. Construction workers were forced to jump out of the way as the suspect dodged barriers into the area and led police on a high-speed pursuit across the bridge.

About halfway across the bridge, the suspect stopped and fled on foot, leading officers on a 1. The Associated Press dailynews. One thing both Bloor and Steel agree on: Unlike most second-class cities, Port Angeles would keep its current City Council-city manager form of government rather than going to a strong mayor form of government. A petition to change back to a code city would require signatures of at least 50 percent of the voters who cast votes in the previous general municipal election.

With ribbing attachment and an intarsia carriage. Brother Bulky model. All parts and instructions included. The three Clallam County commissioners will open bids for the Carlsborg sewer project during their business meeting Tuesday. The meeting will begin at 10 a. Fourth St. Clallam County went out to bid Jan. A bid is expected to be awarded in mid-April. Commissioners will meet at 9 a. Monday to preview items set for action in future meetings.

Eye on Clallam extension with Correctional Healthcare Cos. Department of Homeland Security for emergency management performance. Fifth St. It will be preceded by a 5 p. At the 6 p. The first complaint was filed Feb. Both may be considered by the same board. In other action, council members will consider approving lodging tax grant awards, make Planning Commission appointments and consider an emergency dispatch services interlocal agreement between the city and JeffCom in Jefferson County.

Port Angeles City Council members will select a three-person board of ethics to review a complaint filed Feb. The meeting will begin Utility District commissionat 6 p. The meeting will begin at p. Other agenda items include an update from the North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council, a bid award for janitorial services and the removal of delinquent accounts from active accounts receivable. Olympic Medical Center Olympic Medical Center commissioners are expected to appoint an internal auditor and temporary deputy treasurer when they meet Wednesday.

Commissioners will meet at p. Employee recognition, physician and advanced practice clinician employment agreements, and revised models for physicians and advanced practice clinicians also are on the agenda.

The commission will reconvene March Suit planned in death tied to releases OLYMPIA — A woman whose son was allegedly shot and killed by a prisoner who was mistakenly released early is planning to sue the state. The filing of a tort claim is the first step before an official lawsuit can be filed.

Ceasar Medina was one of two deaths tied to the early release of more than 3, prisoners due to a software coding error. Authorities say he was killed May 26 by Jeremiah Smith, who was wrongly released May Less than two weeks later, Smith gunned down year-old Ceasar Medina.

He said public safety was which joined the Anacortesnever an issue. San Juan Islands route in Sterling said the corroJune, was pulled from sersion is near both engine vice Feb. An independent hole. The Kitsap Sun reported expert has been brought in Friday that the car ves- to pinpoint the cause. Sterling said a warranty sel was placed in a dry dock claim has been filed with in Anacortes, where more builder Vigor Shipyards. Area vendors, tastings and prizes are planned in the ballroom at the hotel at N.

Lincoln St. For more information, call the catering department at The award recognizes the dedication and accomplishments of local people who do extraordinary things for their neighbors, their community or the environment. This is the 37th year for the award, begun by the PDN and now co-sponsored by the Soroptimist noon club. Nominations must be made using the accompanying coupon and must be submitted to the PDN by 5 p.

Anyone who lives in Clallam County can be nominated. Recipients of the Community Service Award in the past are not eligible for a award. But those previously nominated but not selected for a Community Service Award are eligible for renomination. What to include A letter describing the merits and accomplishments of the person being nominated must be included with the coupon. The nomination should include supporting documents, such as copies not originals of other awards, newspaper articles or let-.

A panel of judges will review the nominations and select one to seven people to receive a Community Service Award at an evening reception in Port Angeles on April If you have any questions about the program, phone the PDN at Talk with us about joint pain solutions. Our program features:. Our staff are specially trained to provide individualized care to meet your personal needs 24 hours a day. The perfect blend of professional care and personal attention in a smaller, home-like environment.

But to many, he has become one. By day, Anderson is a consultant who works on phone systems, setting up phone lines for companies and the kind of networks that ask you to press 1 for this, 2 for that. He loves telephones. His wife even made him a little hat embroidered with telephones. It all started a few years ago, when a telemarketer called Anderson with a pitch, and rather than talk to the sales guy, he handed the phone to his young son.

The telemarketer cursed at the little boy. Enough was enough. Average people harassed by telemarketers do not have many options. There is also a national Do Not Call Registry, but many calls still get through. Anderson, however, is no ordinary telephone user, so he decided to take a crack at solving the problem in a new way. Enter the Jolly Roger Telephone Co.

Whenever Anderson hears from a telemarketer, he patches the caller through to his robot, puts his phone on mute and lets his bot do the talking. While the simple robot does not possess anything near artificial intelligence, it does understand speech patterns and inflections, so it can monitor what the telemarketer is saying, and then do its best to try to keep the person on the end of the line engaged.

Often the robot just has a little fun. Can you go a little slower? The longer the conversation goes on, the more eccentric the robot becomes. In one sequence, the robot tells the telemarketer that a bee landed on his arm and asks the telemarketer to keep talking as he focuses on the bee.

After seeing that the service worked, Anderson made it freely available to anyone; it works with landlines with conference call or three-way calling service and cellphones. Then, the next time you get a call from a telemarketer, patch the number in, merge the calls and put your phone on mute while the robot does the talking.

He sees his service as a way to help ordinary people, especially older Americans, from being defrauded. According to reports from industry groups and companies trying to thwart telemarketers, the telemarketing industry wastes tens of billions of dollars.

The Federal Trade Commission said that in , it received 3. And the National Association of Attorneys General says that millions of Americans are defrauded by illicit telemarketers every year. There have been over 70, calls to the bot, Anderson said, most lasting for three or four minutes. But recently, one of the calls went for 22 minutes. It was from a cable company that called to try to get a customer to sign up for bigger, better, faster cable. His young son is even helping to monitor the calls that come into the phone line.

And he recently started a Kickstarter campaign with the hope of perfecting the bot. But his ultimate goal is bigger. These are the robocallers that can dial 10, phone numbers a day and are able to detect if an answering service or human being answers the call. In other words, Anderson wants his robot to do battle against other robots.

That sounds like a superhero to me. If the next president selects the successor, there will be four years of working together. When there is a vacancy to be filled, it should be done. I guess you do what needs to be done. Obama has too much on his mind now like schools and guns and stuff. Leave it for the next president. Our Constitution says that our president — our standing president — should name any Supreme Court justice. If Republican leaders are unwilling to do their duties, then they need to be recalled.

This member and a Civil whole thing has a War re-enactment lot to do with person, so I know party lines, and how governments the Republicans should run. I see want one of their no considerate own in the court. Please — send us only one letter or column per month.

Letters and guest columns published become the property of Peninsula Daily News, and it reserves the right to reject, condense or edit for clarity or when information stated as fact cannot be substantiated. Letters published in other newspapers or websites, anonymous letters, letters advocating boycotts, letters to other people, mass mailings and commercial appeals are not published. We will not publish letters that impugn the personal character of people or of groups of people.

Include your name, street address and — for verification purposes — day and evening telephone numbers. Email to letters peninsuladailynews. Peninsula Voices The Internet is changing the world — exponentially. Despite massive propaEvery day. Shelley Taylor, Families are worried, and Port Angeles rightly so.

Many would opt solution. Ken Stringer, Sequim. Feel the Bern Democrats have two excellent presidential candidates who mostly agree on issues, but neither could accomplish much if Republicans control Congress. Hillary Clinton has more breadth of experience but is unwilling to promote some policies I believe she fundamentally supports because of the difficulty in getting congressional approval. Bernie Sanders believes in trying to get his singlepayer health care policies approved — despite the difficulty — and in making compromises when necessary.

This is how negotiation works, not by giving up before trying. Studies show U. Many economists e. Hillary would only improve Obamacare — which Bernie helped implement — while Bernie would transition to an expanded Medicare-for-all system.

Big banks and insurance companies too big to fail in that were bailed out by taxpayers to save our economy are even larger now. Bernie wants to break them up to better prevent another bailout.

Hillary only recently said she might also do that — if necessary. People, it is necessary. Bernie would make public colleges tuition-free, as many countries now do.

Then vote for Bernie at your March 26 Democratic Party caucus. David Tonkin, Port Townsend. The people you surround yourself with tells a lot about yourself. The people Mrs. Clinton trusts most and their values can tell us a lot about what her administration would be like. Take a look at longtime Hillary confidante Huma Abedin. As a student, Ms. Abedin was on the executive board of the Muslim Students Association, which is reportedly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is the same organization where al-Qaida cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who inspired the Fort Hood [Texas] shooting and later was killed in a drone strike, was chapter resident in Colorado at that time. Toward the end of Ms. Teneo is a global consulting firm founded by Doug Band, a longtime Clinton associate. Bill Clinton was a paid adviser. Does anyone smell a conflict of interest? This shows us how in a Hillary Clinton presidency, we can expect blindness to. This may be better for Hillary but hardly for the rest of us.

Kaj Ahlburg, Port Angeles. Navy station I am writing to take exception to the comparison of our Navy to Nazi anything. It was started only a week after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It has been a part of the air traffic over Puget Sound for all this time in war and in peace. You seem to have a peacetime military confused with a military commanded by a madman and a conspiracy to overthrow its neighbors, not to mention world domination. That is why Hitler and his co-conspirators built the Luftwaffe.

To the rest of us, that sight and sound represents freedom. I would personally like to thank the crew and officers of NAS Whidbey Island for their service and expertise. Bradd B. Smith, Sequim. It saved me some trouble. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a blessing these wonderful men are to our community! Haggen goes above and beyond in helping a blind cus-. And customer complaints aimed at specific businesses need to be taken up directly with the businesses themselves. Wallace and nurse Eric in the Olympic Medical Center emergency room [Port Angeles] for helping me through my kidney stone experience.

I appreciate that. We really appreciate all your. Kudos to the poor guy on the motorcycle behind him who had to dodge it for 2 miles. Make your park safe and usable. Highway heading east. I was traveling west. A horrific accident could have happened at that corner. Keep comments brief — 50 words or less. On voice messages, spell out names for raves. Also, only one rant or rave per writer. Forks Ave. The soup of the day will be clam chowder.

The Nipare Tuesdays at a. Highway in east Port cogeneration plant. All of the above meetings are open Fournier says he will review what to the public. Peninsula Daily News Nippon has accomplished over the. The extra programming will eat into time typically occupied by commercials.

But those additional segments will actually be ads in their own right, brought to. But it could also provide a glimpse into the future of television advertising. Long dependent on conventional commercials, television networks are now reevaluating their advertising strategies as fears about cord-cutting and steep ratings declines intensify.

In recent months, Turner, which is part of Time Warner, and Viacom, which owns MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, have said they were looking to reduce the amount of advertising on their cable networks. Vice Media, which will introduce its new cable chan-. The shift in TV advertising is likely to happen gradually, but it has also been a long time coming.

For years, networks crammed in more ads, in part to offset lower ratings, said Brian Wieser, a media analyst at Pivotal Research. That strategy, however, may have pushed away more viewers and lowered ratings further. The proliferation of ondemand and ad-free streaming options has given viewers a more palatable television experience and further prompted networks to.

But the ad-reduction strategy carries a risk. While advertisers may pay a higher price for commercial time that is in more limited supply, the price may not be enough to offset the decrease in commercial time.

Sellars is taking the week off from his maritime column. She has been a board member since January and has earned this distinction two years in a row. This year, Fuller not only served as treasurer, she also dedicated time attending community events, such as ribbon cuttings, grand openings, networking meetings and fundraisers while maintaining her full-time position at the Dungeness River Audubon Center as the administrative services and development manager and becoming a first-time mother.

Second segment: T. March silver fell by Make your brand come alive with great marketing tools. If you are unable to attend but would like information please call to make an personal appointment. Lost in the anticipation was Art an admission by Thiel coach Pete Carroll.

Responding to a question about pushing his young offensive linemen so hard into starting jobs that it helped induce losses, Carroll said the club made a personnel-judgment error. The mistake was the largest factor in the loss of home-field advantage in the playoffs, and informs some of what transpires this offseason. The Roughriders finish the season with a overall record.

The Riders also made a somewhat surprise run to regionals after losing seniors Maddie Boe and Emily Johnson to late-season injuries. Wheeler and Monzon each led their teams to a share of the. While owning the mistakes that helped create the start, Carroll also wanted credit for changing personnel and tactics at midseason that worked out well. The bye week Nov. We did that. So really, how bad was the O-line by the end of the year?

She also was among the team leaders in steals and assists. Prep Hoops were each voted to the second team. See complete all-league teams on Page B2. Hawks unpredictable The scouting combine is underway in Indianapolis, free agency begins March 9 and the draft is at the end of April. The popular assumption among Seahawks followers is that the O-line comes first.

Then again, if we have learned anything watching Carroll, it is that the Seahawks never do the obvious. Our numbers flipflopped in terms of the pressures and sacks. We saw the productivity of our passing game really go up. Kelsall tops a list of several North Olympic Peninsula players honored by the league, which has only one all-league team. All three are seniors. Seattle Mariners catcher Steve Lerud awaits the ball during spring training baseball earlier this week in Peoria, Ariz.

Why is it changing? Mike Zunino ranked fourth, despite spending the last month in the minors. Trying to give a good target. Then just try. Last year was a big year because the stats were a little better known.

But at this point, it really comes down to winning. Leading team: Four Assfaults won the third quarter. Leading team: Rhoys. Leading team: Up Your Alley won the third quarter. Leading team: Swamp Ratz. Leading team: Fox Painting won the third quarter. Leading team: Mizfitz won the third quarter. Long Putts No. About 32, West Virginia homes and businesses remained without power Saturday after severe flooding hit the state. Most of the dead and all of the missing, officials believe, were in the county of Greenbrier — home of the renowned golf resort of the same name.

Scores of homes were damaged. Also Saturday, Tomblin asked federal authorities for a major disaster declaration to get help for Greenbrier and the two other counties hardest hit by flooding. Individual assistance includes housing and crisis counseling.

Other deaths were reported in Kanawha, Jackson and Ohio counties. About people were stranded overnight in a shopping center when a bridge washed out, and dozens of other people had to be plucked off rooftops or rescued from their cars.

The security measures were put in place following the massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. A spokeswoman said the Columbus Zoo was put on lockdown Saturday morning for a few minutes until workers could contain the bear named Joan. Spokeswoman Patty Peters said two rescue cubs were being moved into a new habitat when the one somehow got out. Workers got the cub into a building and sedated her. Ace Kimberly and his three teenagers disappeared last Sunday after departing Sarasota for Fort Myers in a foot sailboat.

They were last seen on a sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico. Two bodies have been recovered from the waters off southwest Florida, along with a sailboat mast and other items belonging to the family. His two teenage sons remain missing. Wei Zexi, a college student who died in April of a rare cancer, had written a long post on a Chinese website detailing how he was led to a Beijing hospital for treatments after searching on Baidu.

He said that the treatment turned out to be ineffective and expensive and that later he learned the therapy was yet to be fully approved. President Barack Obama, left, shares a laugh with Gov.

Obama spoke Friday night at a fundraiser for Gov. Jay Inslee, the first of two events he was headlining for Democratic candidates in the state. Obama hopes to help his party make inroads in state races and in Congress by raising money for their campaigns. Forty-nine people were killed June 12 in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub. Obama also blames setbacks on immigration reform on Republicans and says a deadlock by the Supreme Court on his immigration actions stems from Republicans declining to take up the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland.

Obama spoke to about 3, people at the Washington State Convention Center. Trains protest Protesters objecting to crude oil shipments on Northwest railways briefly interrupted him. The president paused when hecklers shouted, urging him to use his.

Federal officials have blamed Union Pacific Railroad for not properly maintaining the tracks. Environmentalists and local leaders — including Inslee — have called for a moratorium on transporting oil by rail until safety issues are addressed. Obama revisited the outburst in closing as he. Later Friday evening, Obama was heading to a private dinner to raise money for the Democratic Congressional Committee. Candidates attended a community reception that evening to meet members of the public and answer questions from them.

McKeen said he met oneon-one with all the candidates last week — but did. He left that to them. McKeen plans to announce his decision shortly after the second interviews, the city release said.

Smith has served as Port Angeles deputy police chief for more than seven years and has more than 35 years of law enforcement experience. Smith was employed for 27 years by the National Park Service, beginning his career as a park ranger before serving as a special agent, special agent-lead instructor and regional special agent in charge. Dresker is the security services manager for the Wenatchee health care organization Confluence Health.

The year veteran of law enforcement began his career as a patrol officer with the Wenatchee Police Department. He was promoted to captain, becoming the operations and administrative bureau commander in a city of about 33, Ketchum is a lieutenant and the chief investigator for the Franklin Police Department in Indianapolis. Turner is the district administrative-field captain for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Duggin suffered near the summit of Mount frostbite and could need six Rainier, authorities said.

Thad Drake — all in their Mount Rainier is seen from a helicopter flying south of the mountain and west of Yakima. Knowing their gear was climbing rangers circulated on the eastern side of the When Drake, the climber crater rim, then hiked about stashed on the crater rim who stayed behind, told the latest weather report.

Digging in the ice, they weather likely would get the 14,foot mountain. They were careful to managed to chip out a hole worse in the afternoon.

They covered it with a dawn. Drake, feeling about a. Call us now, same day turnaround, no obligation quotes. Eventually, they found jackets and shared a sleepCamp Muir. They started down the They went back into the mountain but quickly real- and Davidson and Duggin crater and tried to find their ized it was a futile and poked out of their cave and We work seamlessly with your decided to make their move.

Rangers got the mes- Minutes later, they were www. Workers ready the steel beams used to move the Enchanted Valley chalet in Olympic National Park in Or do you have another idea?

Participants in a meeting in Port Angeles on Monday and another July 19 will have a chance to hear and comment on preliminary alternatives Olympic National Park has outlined for the final disposition of the chalet.

Public comment will be taken through Aug. It would remain closed to the public. The alternatives are only possibilities and could change by the time park officials develop a preferred alternative by this fall. The public will review a draft environmental assessment by next spring, and a final plan is to be issued next summer, park.

Seventh St. That one will be from 5 p. Peabody St. And of course, we are also interested in additional ideas people may have. For several decades, it was used as a backcountry lodge and then as a wilderness ranger station and emergency shelter. The chalet was added to the National Register of Historic Places in In January , the river had migrated to within 18 inches of the chalet. Fearing the structure would fall into the river, the Park Service had it moved.

Jeff Monroe, proprietor of Monroe House Moving. Once the move was completed, the building was lowered onto cribbing towers — a temporary wooden foundation — and secured. The park said at the time that a process to decide the final fate of the chalet would begin in a few months. Protect river or building? The point to the park was to protect the river from environmental harm, not to protect the chalet, park spokeswoman Barb Maynes pointed out at the time.

To Monroe, who was presented with a Washington State Historic Preservation Officer Award for his work, saving the chalet was the point of the effort. This is something else. The ton structure was moved entirely by hand over the course of several days. Heavy equipment — including steel moving beams, specially made dollies and steel skid shoes used to slide the house — was flown to the remote location over the course of three days via helicopter. The rest of the equipment, as well as tents, food and other necessities, was hauled to the site by two teams of pack mules — contracted through Sol Duc Valley Packers owners Larry and Sherry Baysinger by Olympic National Park officials — who made daily trips to or from the chalet continuously for two weeks.

To reach the site, four team members rode horses while the rest hiked the mile round trip up Enchanted Valley. To move the building, Monroe and his crew used two wheel dollies, specifically made for the project,.

Public comment The original schedule ended public comment on the preliminary alternatives in July and located only one meeting in Port Angeles. Information also is available by calling the park at Park Ave.

Reporter Chris McDaniel can be reached at , ext. July The plot of the first book has horse trainer Annie Carson rescuing a thoroughbred from a roadside rollover in which the driver dies.

Two deaths in three days is unheard of in the small Olympic Peninsula county, and Carson decides to start sniffing around. Hearon began her own private investigator agency, Leigh Hearon Investigative Services, in Leigh Hearon with her saddlebred mare, Jolie Jeune Femme.

She currently has a saddlebred mare, Jolie Jeune Femme, and enjoys watching two rescue mares cavort on a acre farm she shares with her husband. She is serving her second term on the Jefferson County Library board. For more information, see www. Timber giant Weyer-. The company will continue to operate a mediumdensity fiberboard mill in Columbia Falls and two mills in Kalispell. Columbia Falls insurance agent Lyle Mitchell told the Missoulian the elimination of the mill and administrative jobs will have a ripple effect across the Flathead Valley.

The presentation for members of the public and business community will be from p. Fifth St. The program will include information about the science of earthquakes and tsunamis, preparedness tools and community response program options.

The program is open to the public and is designed to increase the knowledge and readiness level of individu-. The information will be presented by George Crawford, who is an earthquake, tsunami and volcano safety specialist, and Manuel Lugo, tsunami program coordinator with the state Emergency Management Division.

A Spanish interpreter will be available. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife said Friday it received federal approval to open Puget Sound areas that had been closed May 1. If the closure had continued, it would have had an impact on salmon seasons off the Strait of Juan de Fuca east of Sekiu, which will open Friday.

Salmon fishing begins July 1 in both marine areas. Puget Sound. The state and Puget Sound tribes, which have shared management of fisheries for decades, did not reach an agreement over annual catch limits during its usual season-setting process this spring. They typically submit a joint management plan by mid-April to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. As talks dragged on and with the previous federal permit expiring April 30, Fish and Wildlife closed recreational and non-tribal commercial salmon fishing in Puget Sound and rivers that feed into it May 1.

Both sides announced they would seek separate federal permits, prompting concerns that the fishing season in Puget Sound could be delayed or not happen.

The state and tribes eventually reached an agreement May 26 that ended the impasse, and together, they sought federal approval for a joint plan for Puget Sound that includes new restrictions to protect coho salmon. Anglers are urged to check fishing regulations. Current regulations for sport fisheries in Puget Sound, rivers and lakes run through Thursday. Most recreational salmon fishing begin in July, and new season regulations take effect Friday.

For Fish and Wildlife regulations, see www. Castillo was the break-in coxswain of a foot Motor Life Boat during the April 18 rescue. The fishermen were reportedly in the degree water for 70 minutes when the boat crew from Coast Guard Station Neah Bay arrived on scene.

All were reportedly suffering from signs of hypothermia when they were transferred to emergency medical responders waiting at the station. The Seattle Times reported that Michael Uivary is in serious condition at a hospital and charged with second-degree assault.

Charging documents say Uivary has a history of mental health issues and suicide attempts. His husband took the pills away. Uivary eventually woke. The three Jefferson County commissioners will consider approving a proposed public defender contract renewal when they meet Monday. The meeting will begin at 9 a. The workload is determined by caseload points, with an estimated allocation of 1, each year. Staff has suggested the commissioners review the idea during a supplemental budget hearing July Eye on Jefferson nated prevention and solid waste enforcement.

The hearing will be from p. The Port Townsend City Council does not meet this week. The church has applied to remove a series of sera church additions totaling about 1, square feet and replace them with a new 2,square-foot hall.

Requested variances would allow the lot coverage for the church to exceed what is normally allowed by the R-II zone, provide relief from parking requirements and allow it an 8-foot setback rather than the 10 feet usually required. Council office hours, during which members of the public can discuss any topic with a member of the City Council, take place from 1 p. Scheduled city committee meetings taking place in conference rooms at City Hall, Madison St.

Tuesday, third-floor conference room. Tuesday, first-floor conference room. Wednesday, second-floor conference room. The Seattle Times reported that the agency, in its warning letter to Valley Processing, has also faulted the Sunnyside juice proces-.

The meeting will begin at 6 p. Also at the evening meeting, the board will review Bridges in Mathematics for kindergarten through fifth grade. It will consider approval of the district motto, mission, vision and core principles statements.

The special meeting will be from a. Woodin Ave. The meeting, at which no formal action is expected, will follow the 40th annual Rural Hospital Conference, presented by the Washington State Hospital Association and the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts. The commissioners will discuss affiliations and the Olympic Community of Health and behavioral health. The FDA says leaving apples outside in open bins encourages mold to grow.

The agency says prolonged exposure to high levels of inorganic arsenic is associated with cancer, skin lesions, developmental effects, cardiovascular disease, neurotoxicity and diabetes.

Professor Luke LaBorde, a food-safety specialist at Penn State University who has trained apple producers and processors, said the arsenic likely came from apples picked at an older orchard. Inorganic arsenic is usually associated with historical use of pesticides many years ago. Officers arrived to find Uivary armed with two knives. Velling is on paid admin- federal Food and Drug Administration says arseistrative leave.

Jefferson Transit commissioners will consider a contract for construction of a Bike and Ride at the Transit office when they meet Tuesday. The special meeting will be at p. The shelter, which has been full since opening in , started an online fundraising campaign last week in hopes of keeping its doors open. The Associated Press. Over the years, their garden at W. Columbus Ave. Many of the perennials were in bloom this spring, including peonies, rhododendrons, azaleas and a climbing hydrangea.

Friday in time to trimaran — named the Alula — is not modified in qualify, he said. Last year, Team Elsie that ends up being the case. The three met while competing Thursday when the race in various adaptive surfing began, with a wind speed of 8 mph to 10 mph from the events, Kane said.

Adaptive surfing allows south. The disabledsportsusa. All three competed dur- wind was blowing right outing the inaugural Interna- side of the marina itself. There was Championship last Septem- a lot of traffic, helicopters were in the mix. It was just ber in La Jolla, Calif. Kane — who moved to chaos. He and Tapec suffer for flying low over boats in high-level injuries, he said. Port Townsend Bay at the They do not have much use beginning of the race.

Take Me to the Volcano, sailing the Rouleur — a foot custom trimaran — was forced to drop out because its ama, which is an outrigger hull, broke, Scott said. The crew members were able to self-rescue, he said. Navocean took a minimalist tack with a 6-foot unmanned craft controlled by a robot. Navocean, a Seattlebased company, builds robotic craft that is used for ocean monitoring.

The boat was accompanied by a control ship, which left data points for the robot to follow in its voyage to Victoria.

It was a solid try. It was kind of having problems finding its way and tacking in such rough water. Jefferson County Editor Charlie Bermant contributed to this report.

White faces an Aug. Both are Court matter to get out of reported to be recovering at jail for a second time their homes. At Olympic Medical Cancer Center in Sequim, we combine the best of both worlds — clinical expertise and the most advanced technology available — to provide the best possible cancer care. For more information on these providers, please visit www.

The Bellingham Herald reported that Carinsurance. Utah is No. Then members of the Vrable declined to say why he felt the league was a public are allowed to ask hostile, left-wing organiza- anything they want of the candidates. If Vrable were interested was unavailable during the proposed dates and made in participating in a league no mention of the organiza- forum before ballots are tion being hostile or left- mailed, Martin said, the league would try to schedwing.

Jefferson County and hear us? The Clallam league canWomen Voters attempted to host forums before ballots celed its planned July 6 for the Aug. The goal was to give vot- attend. The Jefferson league will ers a chance to make an informed decision on who host forums with candithey should vote for, Martin dates from other races on two dates.

The 7 p. The second will be for attend on either of the two candidates for the Jefferson dates the league offered. Ramsay told her the County Board of Commissame thing. Chapman sioners District 1 seat.

Reporter Jesse Major can be During the forums, reached at , ext. Lincoln St. From a. See PABA entry below. Phone or email info sequimchamber. Forks Ave. Highway in east Port Angeles. But the association says those planning to attend need to RSVP so AWB can email registration materials to them and order enough refreshments. Specify the Port Angeles meeting and give your name and email address. Brown-Stitzel has been a resident of Port Angeles for three years and was previously selfemployed.

She offers services that include Brownhair color placeStitzel ment, cutting, manicures, spa pedicures and waxing. The salon at E. For more information, phone In addition, the site will have new services including psychic readings, guest artist visits and interactive exhibits. The Red Dragonfly is open from 11 a. Mondays through Saturdays and noon to 5 p. For more information and updates, visit www. RedDragon flyPT. July silver rallied by Archie Elam has had careers in the military and private sector and is now focusing on working for a nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit work after retirement? Maybe you can make it pay cies and government. Baby boomers closing in on the traditional His two-decade Army career included acting retirement years often seek purpose and a payas head of operations for the 18th Airborne check in a second career, also known as an Corps 24th Infantry Division in the first war encore experience, next chapter or unretireagainst Iraq.

Paul area. Working at a nonprofit organiretirement savings — into a four-legged stool by zation. The nonprofit secEncore! Hartford, a four-month training program tor has been vibrant in recent years. When natural disasters strike, it often becomes very difficult — or nearly impossible — for emergency responders to reach areas where infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed and residents are in need of medicines and supplies. But experts dealing with such matters say drones are becoming a more common and valuable tool in many humanitarian operations, where the unmanned aircraft can be quickly launched and used to collect data and images and help locate people who may be injured or trapped.

See Page A9 A Help from on high Drone delivery for disasters? Tim Amukele with Johns Hopkins watches as a drone aircraft flies with a return payload from a floating platform just offshore during a ship-to-shore delivery simulation last week in Lower Township, N.

Workers load a package of simulated blood and other medical samples to be carried in a drone for a ship-to-shore delivery simulation in Lower Township, N.

About onlookers About people looked on as the drones flew Wednesday between an onshore medical relief camp and a test facility on a vessel stationed on the Delaware Bay. They took medical supplies from the vessel to the medical camp, while blood and other medical specimens were flown between the sites. The tests were done at the invitation of the Field. A drone aircraft with a payload of simulated blood, and other medical samples flies during a ship-to-shore delivery simulation.

Innovation Team, a nonprofit that works with agencies and experts from various fields to develop solutions to humanitarian disaster scenarios. The Reno, Nev. That happened in Nevada, one of six states the Federal Aviation Administration has designated as unmanned aircraft systems test sites. He says such a service could potentially help hundreds of thousands of people, noting the number of residents affected by recent disasters such as Superstorm Sandy, which struck near the site where the tests were conducted.

Amukele believes it will probably take about five years before drones are used regularly in disaster situations. He notes that roughly 59 nations currently have drone regulations, so responders will need to know what rules other countries will put in place. Humanitarian uses Agencies involved in humanitarian relief agree that drones have been helpful in certain humanitarian operations for collecting data and imagery where infrastructure is destroyed or was already lacking, including in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan in November But they also note that caution must be used in cases where humanitarian relief drones could be mistaken for military drones.

Now, drones might be the lifesaver. That idea was put to the test last week in New Jersey as a drone delivery service conducted test flights to help determine whether drones can be used to carry human medical samples to and from areas that cannot be accessed or communicated with during major storms, earthquakes or other disasters. Experts say drones are becoming a more valuable tool in many humanitarian operations, where the unmanned aircraft can be quickly launched and used to collect data and images and help locate people who might be injured or trapped.

On the corporate side, utive of Encore. Labor Statistics. Tier- work rather than job titles. That is what Catherine headquarters in Boston and resources firm. By comparison, the firm helps nonprofit organiza- Bergstrom, 56, a former first notes that only 36 percent of tions and foundations selectman in Burlington, private companies surveyed increase their social impact. Hartford program in percentage as in That said, the transition The program encourCatherine Foley, 62, is remains personally chal- ages its students to set up among those who have lenging.

Fund-raising, writ- informational interviews shifted from the corporate ing grants and dealing with with nonprofit organizaworld to the nonprofit sector. For 17 of those years she Used to support she said.

Foley, only half-jokingly, engagement for Jewish community outreach. In , Foley, known as said what she really missed Family Services in Hartford, Rusty, took advantage of an was an information technol- one of the organizations where she had an informaearly retirement opportu- ogy department. And the pay is almost tional interview. The sector is incredibly wanted to do with my life. For the next two years, said Nora Hannah, execu- diverse and complicated, she sat on a number of com- tive director of Experience ranging from small grassmunity boards, including Matters in Phoenix, an orga- roots groups mostly depenthat of the Arizona Citizens nization that works with dent on the passions of a private sector workers who handful of volunteers and for the Arts.

In , she became its want to shift into commu- donors to professional multiinterim executive director, nity-based nonprofit groups. The advantage of volunseeing its two employees, nonprofit is largely a Do-Itteering is that it is like datmany volunteers and Yourself effort. Hartford, Experi- whether an organization is a use the professional skills I ence Matters, Social Venture good match without making had accumulated over the Partners and Encore Fellow- a long-term commitment.

These triple stranded coils provide greater durability than traditional wrapped coils while delivering pressure relief, motion separation for undisturbed sleep, and back support. Our band has 11 musicians that play bagpipes, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo, Irish whistle, ukulele, and a variety of drums. Our Irish Step Dancers accompany the band on stage for upbeat jigs and reels.

We also perform a variety of other world music such as Mexican music, Western Swing, South Pacific Island songs for our Polynesian dancers, Middle Eastern medleys for our belly dancers and Flamenco guitar and singing for our Flamenco dancers.

VR tends to limit its integration into your Even in the most immersive of media daily life. Bailenson, of Stanford. That brings me to the eggplant in the But then you don virtual reality gogroom — pornography.

Like most new entertainment technoloSo does the rest of the world around you. VR porn plunge. Getting completely submerged in a kind of dodgy for porn, what good is between what my body was doing in the Eventually. VR is still something you have to get used gles, I came to regard my virtual surInstead, VR is at this point an experiroundings as a kind of prison.

Both companies are working to solve to. I feel a little uncomfortable to see them. Makes me wonder how they reached that level. There are programs, I know, to help them get off the street.

I know they are needy people, but I think they are using the society to get free things instead of working for a living or taking advantage of some of the available programs.

Some of them have creative signs and I might stop. Most of the time they have a cell phone and their own car. I know many hard workers and they should be the same. It clutters up the neighborhood. I feel if they have time to sit on the corner, then they have time to get a job.

Please — send us only one letter or column per month. Letters and guest columns published become the property of Peninsula Daily News, and it reserves the right to reject, condense or edit for clarity or when information stated as fact cannot be substantiated.

Letters published in other newspapers or websites, anonymous letters, letters advocating boycotts, letters to other people, mass mailings and commercial appeals are not published. We will not publish letters that impugn the personal character of people or of groups of people. Include your name, street address and — for verification purposes — day and evening telephone numbers.

Email to letters peninsuladailynews. Such racist, misogynistic statements will not stand. Let not anger trump our reason. Roger B. Huntman, Sequim. The Thompson submachine gun is the one we think of in connection with Prohibition, since it was used by gangsters and G-men in the movies and was seen in newspapers.

But it was already in use by the military in the last days of World War I. There are big differences between machine gun, submachine gun and assault rifles, so they should not be lumped together into one category.

That term means fully automatic, and assault rifles in civilian hands are not fully automatic. They are semi-automatic.

The assault rifles in civilian hands function no differently than many shotguns, hunting rifles and pistols: They can only fire one round per trigger pull. And I doubt that the submachine gun is being reborn, as it is fully automatic and generally not legal for civilians to own.

Vern Weed, Sequim. I just wish they had left them up longer. Congratulations to some mighty fine teachers. And customer complaints aimed at specific businesses need to be taken up directly with the businesses themselves. She was probably trying to protect me. Many thanks to Dr. She sees and looks great again. Offensive language was removed, and the political yard sign stands.

It was very much appreciated. Drugs and crime are growing and concerning problems in our area. My best bus driver in the whole, wide world, Dan, is retiring at the end of June. I will miss him dearly. I just want to thank all the bus drivers, especially Dan, for our politically correct conversations and for being on time and being courteous. I really appreciate it. Youth really is stupid. Why do you care? I would bet you would scream at signs being removed.

The signs keep the hope alive. Tons of animals reappear years later. You were insensitive to a true pet lover. Please comply. On a side note, doggie-poop bags also exist for a reason, and they are provided for you.

We have every right to be able to go about our personal business without having to look over our shoulder in fear. Especially in view of the many accidents we are hearing about. Keep comments brief — 75 words or less. On voice messages, spell out names for raves. Louis took the field in pow- John der-blue visitors uniforms, which McGrath were as popular during the mids as thick mustaches and medallions dangling inside the open-collar shirts of men with an abundance of chest hair.

I plead innocent, your honor. The Cardinals in those days excelled at a style of baseball that has gone the way of dangling medallions. The team played its home games on an artificial surface that seemed to accelerate the speed of a bouncing ball driven into the gap, and even when hitters settled for singles, they were off and running toward second base a moment later.

Full disclosure: I went to college in Missouri, and after graduation I worked for a few years in a town that was a two-hour drive from Busch Stadium. Such proximity to the baseball fans in St. Louis explains why I had a love-hate thing with the Cardinals. I loved to hate them. There were times when the Cards executed a hit-and-run with such precision, it appeared to be choreographed in cahoots with the opposing fielders.

But it was the stolen base that defined the Cardinals. A strong throwing arm and good range in center field. Already 6-foot-4 and pounds, his bat speed produces aweinspiring raw power and the ability to drive the ball to all fields. The newest Mariners prospect is a true student of the.

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  1. Jun 26,  · McGrath: Base stealing has become a lost art CONTINUED FROM B1 sition on the base paths, but hey, it never hurts to try. That’s right, the third In .
  2. Jun 26,  · McGrath: Base stealing has become a lost art CONTINUED FROM B1 sition on the base paths, but hey, it never hurts to try. That’s right, the third In .
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  5. () Gift tor girl. European federalism easier for all specialty retail store? Always stock a lightly sour in no where ill be trailing along in some imagination to wrap mode.
  6. Feb 28,  · 14 points to lead Colorado (, ), which has lost seven of its last eight games. The Huskies jumped out to a first-quarter lead, stretched it to at .
  7. Feb 28,  · 14 points to lead Colorado (, ), which has lost seven of its last eight games. The Huskies jumped out to a first-quarter lead, stretched it to at .
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